Sharath R V




10:21 PM batman-adv Feature #297 (Rejected): Query regarding ping
Hi all,
Im trying to ping a node which is two hops away. if i specify the mac address and ping using batctl, it wo...
Sharath R V
08:28 PM batman-adv Feature #296 (Rejected): Multihop multicasting
Hi All,
I am currently trying to do multicast over ad-hoc network. I am unable to do multi-hop multicasting over b...
Sharath R V


10:41 PM batman-adv Bug #253 (Rejected): How to use Batman-adv api in developing a simple application
So i just started using batman-adv. I wish to know if anyone can point me to some sample code where batman-adv APIs a... Sharath R V


10:59 PM batman-adv Bug #234 (Rejected): Batman-adv gateways
I have configured batman-adv server on one laptop and client on the other. and batman-adv server is connected to my r... Sharath R V


02:10 AM batman-adv Bug #230: Batman-adv doesnt work without internet
We have flashed batman-adv on two cameras, and they seem to work fine. But unable to communicate on the ubuntu machin... Sharath R V
02:09 AM batman-adv Bug #230 (Rejected): Batman-adv doesnt work without internet
I have configured batman-adv on two nodes, they work fine if they are connected to internet. However when i turn off ... Sharath R V

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