Batman 0.3.1 released (1 comment)

Added by Marek Lindner over 14 years ago


the B.A.T.M.A.N. team is pleased to announce the availability of batman 0.3.1 a bugfix and maintenance release. As usual, we provide signed source tarballs:

As you may have noticed we slighty modified the folder structure to seperate binaries and sources better. Also, we will keep providing older source tarballs to support the various distributions better. In addition, we added a release "bundle" folder which contains related source packages:

Many people outside the B.A.T.M.A.N. team contributed to make this release possible. Thanks to everyone that helped us. Special thanks goes to Antonio and the crew. They provided us with bug reports, test beds and ideas to improve the overall batman experience. Also, we wish to thank Sven Eckelmann for his endless stream of patches and thoughtful hints.

During the past months the code received improvements all over the place. Nearly all functions were touched. The packet aggregation was debugged and improved. Areas with a high density of nodes suffered from bogus routing information which was fixed. BSD compability was committed. Now, on a changing route batman adds new routes to the kernel routing table before the old routes are deleted to avoid race conditions. The batgat kernel module received many fixes that improve stability. The makefile reduced the verbosity of its output to allow easy distinctions between warnings and commands.

Happy routing,


Batman-adv 0.1 released

Added by Marek Lindner almost 15 years ago

(posted by Marek on Dec 28th 2008)


today, after a 6 months stabilization and debugging phase we release the first milestone towards a stable version: batman advanced 0.1. As this implementation resides in the kernel land only we wanted to make sure its stability before releasing it to the public.

This batman implemention is marked with the label "advanced" to outline the fact that it operates on layer 2 (mac layer) as opposed to batman which operates on layer 3. To gain optimal performance it resides in the kernel as a module and can be turned on/of or configured via the /proc/net/batman-adv/ interface.

Unfortunately, we can not offer precompiled packages for your kernel as the module sources need to be linked against your very own kernel headers. If you are using debian you will find packages that you can install via apt-get. OpenWRT also has the package included. If you intend to use the module on your own system, simply download the sources, build and load the module.

You can find the sources here:

Special thanks to Sven Eckelmann and Scott Raynel who spent a considerable amount of time testing, debugging and patching the sources. We included all their patches which allow us to release today.

The biggest changes since the beta release are:
  • support latest kernel version (2.6.20 - 2.6.28)
  • LOTS of cleanup: locking, stack usage, memory leaks
  • Change Ethertype from 0x0842 to 0x4305 unregistered at IEEE, if you want to sponsor an official Ethertype ($2500) please contact us

We welcome any feedback/patches/ideas,

The B.A.T.M.A.N. developer team

Batman-adv now available in Debian

Added by Marek Lindner almost 15 years ago

(posted by Marek on Nov 16th 2008)

Even if the news is still some days old - its worth mentioning: batman-advanced is now available in Debian!

The packages are available through your favorite dpkg frontend (apt-get, aptitude, ...) using the unstable repositories. To follow the package development you can visit the following pages:

batman-adv-source contains the source code and can be compiled for your kernel using module-assistant [1]. batman-adv-battool contains the battool which provides ping, traceroute and other tools for the batman-adv network.

Big thanks to Sven Eckelmann, Simon Wunderlich and Holger Levsen for their work on these packages. :)

BTW, you also can find the current batman stable (0.3) in the lenny and unstable repositories. Here the respective package pages:



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