Using the batman git repositories

If you want to find out why we also have a git repository now, please read B.A.T.M.A.N. goes mainline.


To retrieve the latest changes you can pull from the read-only http frontend.

git clone batman-adv

There is also a repository for kernel integration. You are about to download 2GB of sources - that may take a while!

git clone -b batadv/net-next


The main git repository is divided into several branches to make working easier.

master branch

The master branch will have all upcoming changes. Bugfixes are merged from maint to master.

maint branch

The maint only gathers bug fixes for the last release.

Create branch associated with the remote-tracking branch after cloning the repository

git switch -c maint --track origin/maint

Cherry-picking a commit from master branch

git switch maint
git cherry-pick $SHA1

Linux integration

The linux-merge repository is a clone of netdev's net-next tree. With the help of some git voodoo the master branch is merged with this branch in the folder: net/batman-adv/. If you wish to merge the latest master branch changes into the linux branch you need to pull the newest changes in master from the batman-adv.git repository.