Batman-adv 2020.2 released

Added by Sven Eckelmann almost 4 years ago

Jul 6th, 2020. Today the B.A.T.M.A.N. team publishes the July 2020 update to batman-adv, batctl and alfred! This release drops the support for the end-of-life Linux kernel versions (<4.3). The B.A.T.M.A.N. V throughput detection for ethernet devices without auto-negotiation was enabled again to support more configurations out of the box. Most users will still require a manual setting via the throughput_override for such devices. The automatic removal of (empty) batadv mesh interfaces during a batctl meshif bat0 interface del .... was dropped. An explicit batctl meshif bat0 interface destroy is now required to remove the batadv interface. Also several bugfixes and code cleanups are included in this version.

As the kernel module always depends on the Linux kernel it is compiled against, it does not make sense to provide binaries on our website. As usual, you will find the signed tarballs in our download section:


Thanks to all people sending in patches:

and to all those that supported us with good advice or rigorous testing:


  • support latest kernels (4.4 - 5.8)
  • coding style cleanups and refactoring
  • dropped support for kernels < 4.4
  • re-enabled link speed detection for interfaces without auto negotiation


  • coding style cleanups and refactoring
  • drop support for automatic destruction of empty meshifs
  • bugs squashed:
    • Fix parsing of radiotap headers on big endian systems


  • Rephrase names of server roles

Happy routing,

The B.A.T.M.A.N. team