Batman-adv 2023.2 released

Added by Sven Eckelmann 11 months ago

Aug 16th, 2023. Today the B.A.T.M.A.N. team publishes the August 2023 update to batman-adv! Alfred now allows to send data via unix socket to a primary server when none of the interfaces is ready. Also several bug fixes and code cleanups are included in this version.

As the kernel module always depends on the Linux kernel it is compiled against, it does not make sense to provide binaries on our website. As usual, you will find the signed tarballs in our download section:


Thanks to all people sending in patches:


  • support latest kernels (4.14 - 6.5)
  • bugs squashed:
    • avoid potential invalid memory access when processing ELP/OGM2 packets
    • drop pending DAT worker when interface shuts down
    • inform network stack about automatically adjusted MTUs
    • keep user defined MTU limit when MTU is recalculated
    • fix packet memory leak when sending OGM2 via inactive interfaces
    • fix TT memory leak for roamed back clients


  • receive data with valid source on unix sock without active interface

Happy routing,

The B.A.T.M.A.N. team