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(LEDE - batman-adv 2016.5) Setting aggregated_ogms in /etc/config/batman-adv not honoured; (parsing issue in /lib/batman-adv/

Added by Edward Beech almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Hi folks,

I've never contributed before, so I apologise if I've done this wrong; I'm still not 100% sure if this issue should be against OpenWrt/LEDE or batman-adv.

I have noticed that for some time now, it's not possible to set aggregated_ogms setting from /etc/config/batman-adv.

Here's why:

First, we declare some locals
(line 14) local aggregated_ogms ap_isolation bonding bridge_loop_avoidance distributed_arp_table fragmentation

Then we try to read the variable from the file
(line 18) config_get aggregated_ogms "$mesh" aggregated_ogms

And finally we go to set the object in the filesystem
(line 37) [ -n "$aggregate_ogms" ] && echo $aggregate_ogms > /sys/class/net/$mesh/mesh/aggregate_ogms

However- you will note that there is a typo/oversight in line 37, the reference is "aggregate_ogms" instead of "aggregated_ogms"; a directory listing shows that it should indeed be "aggregated_ogms".

  1. ls /sys/class/net/bat0/mesh/agg*

Correcting the typo resolves the issue, I've tested this on one of my devices (GLi MiFi - LEDE build).





Updated by Sven Eckelmann almost 5 years ago

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Nice find. But can you please submit a patch (as pull request) for this to . Please don't forget to increase the "PKG_RELEASE" in the batman-adv package Makefile.

You can try to trigger Simon and Marek to look at this pull requests by adding their user names (@simonwunderlich @lindnermarek) in a comment of the new pull request.


Updated by Edward Beech almost 5 years ago

Hi Sven,

Thanks for the followup; it'll be murky water for me, I've not submitted a patch for OpenWrt before.

I'll do a bunch of reading and try and knock it out correctly over the weekend.




Updated by Sven Eckelmann almost 5 years ago

You basically have to fork the openwrt-routing repository on github, add the commit which fixes the problem and push it to your forked repository. Then you press "Pull Request" and fill out the form.

A good example is following pull request:

You can see that the pull request message is basically the commit message. The commit message has:

  • "Signed-off-by:" from the author at the end (he basically used 'git commit -a -s' to create the commit) * used correct author name + email when creating the commit * used the prefix "batman-adv: " in the commit subject * used a good, short, descriptive subject * explained the problem and solution well in the commit message body * wrapped the commit message at 75 characters (line length)

And you get bonus points for adding an extra line right before the Signed-off-by line which explains which other commit was fixed:

Fixes: 2d654c0af194 ("batman-adv: upgrade package to latest release 2012.0.0")

Btw. This repository is not necessarily OpenWrt only. LEDE is also using it (they will also get an own branch for LEDE 17.01 in the next days)


Updated by Sven Eckelmann over 4 years ago

It looks like you forgot about it. I've now queued up a pull request to fix this problem.


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It was merged


Updated by Sven Eckelmann over 4 years ago

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Closed without a test from reporter because he didn't show any since of life since 25 days.

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