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multicast_mode appears to block avahi traffic

Added by Bill Richardson almost 8 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Not sure if this is a batman-adv issue or a kernel, avahi, or openwrt issue...

I've been running OpenWrt r40555 on a handful of ar71xx routers all connected with batman-adv. Avahi has been working great across the mesh, until I updated the firmware on the routers to Barrier-Breaker 14.07.rc2 (r42087). Everything works as expected, except for the forwarding of avahi packets. Avahi now works within the space of a single router but not across the batman-adv mesh.

Batman-adv on the latest rev of OpenWrt has been updated to 2014.2.0 and introduces "multicast_mode" for the first time on OpenWrt. When I disable multicast_mode in batman-adv, my avahi traffic across the mesh works again. With the new multicast_mode enabled (batman-adv's default), avahi does not work across the mesh. It looks as though multicast_mode is blocking the receipt of mdns responses, not the sending of mdns queries.



Updated by Marek Lindner over 7 years ago

  • Assignee set to Linus Lüssing

Linus (the author of the multicast optimizations) suggested upgrading to 2014.4.0. Your problem seems to be known and fixed.


Updated by Linus Lüssing over 7 years ago

Like Marek said, please upgrade to 2014.4.0 and let us know whether that helps. For instance just copy the feeds.conf.default to feeds.conf and remove the ";for-14.07" in the line for the routing feed in a recent barrier breaker.

Sorry for replying so late, must have missed this ticket back then.


Updated by Marek Lindner over 7 years ago

Could we get an update on whether or not the issue is still existing ? If not, we'd like to close this ticket.


Updated by Bill Richardson over 7 years ago

Thanks, I'll try it out when i get a a chance and report back.


Updated by Marek Lindner about 7 years ago

Any update ?


Updated by Bill Richardson about 7 years ago

Yes, I do believe it is working now.

Following your instructions above, I have the following.

Barrier Breaker r44952
batman-adv 2014.4.0
batman-adv multicast_mode enabled
avahi-daemon 0.6.31

mdns is crossing the batman-adv mesh with multicast_mode enabled, as expected. Looking forward to experimenting with the optimizations. Thanks Marek Lindner and @Linus!


Updated by Marek Lindner about 7 years ago

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Thanks for checking!


Updated by Sven Eckelmann over 5 years ago

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