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02:36 PM batman-adv Bug #428: TT local memory leak / RCU race condition on shutdown
Also reproduceable on a current, vanilla Linux master (2ef5971ff345d3c000873725db555085e0131961). Will prepare a revert. Linus Lüssing
06:25 AM batman-adv Bug #428: TT local memory leak / RCU race condition on shutdown
Interestingly, even when I add msleep()s (here: 3x msleep(100)) before the rcu_barrier(), so that the rcu_barrier() i... Linus Lüssing
03:13 AM batman-adv Bug #428 (New): TT local memory leak / RCU race condition on shutdown
On shutdown/rmmod of batman-adv.ko with batman-adv compiled from the main branch Slab complains with the following er... Linus Lüssing


08:27 PM batman-adv Bug #413: B.A.T.M.A.N. V aggregation causes originator loops
Applied/fixed in:
Linus Lüssing
08:10 PM batctl Feature #353: Translate layer 3 addresses from non Layer 3 neighbors
Rereading this ticket I'm getting the feeling that there are maybe two misunderstandings:
1) While what is in the ...
Linus Lüssing


11:49 AM batman-adv Bug #422 (New): General protection fault in batadv_orig_router_get
In a VM with kvm and a 5.11.9 kernel and a recent batman-adv from the master branch I get a general protection fault ... Linus Lüssing


11:24 AM batman-adv Feature #419 (New): BLA: redundant and superficial GW check
The source address check in batadv_recv_unicast_packet() here is both superficial and redundant:... Linus Lüssing
10:54 AM batman-adv Bug #418 (New): BLA: claiming race condition with multicast from mesh
* Two BLA backbone gateways sharing the same LAN, receiving a multicast packet from the mesh.
Linus Lüssing


10:07 AM batman-adv Bug #417 (New): BLA, crash: null pointer dereference in batadv_bla_loopdetect_report()->batadv_bit_get_packet()
Version:... Linus Lüssing


07:57 PM batman-adv Bug #416: B.A.T.M.A.N. V: include packet loss in link throughput estimation
It seems, from skimming the 802.11s code, that 802.11s is able to do a more reliable, driver independent throughput e... Linus Lüssing

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