Using batctl

Batctl is the configuration and debugging tool for batman-adv. It is thoroughly documented in its man page, so please refer to "man batctl" on your system or this online version .

Using batctl for configuration

All configuration of batman-adv is done with the generic netlink family "batadv" and batctl provides a commandline interface for it.

A quick overview of the config options available with batctl:
  • Add and remove interfaces to the mesh network.
  • Set or change parameters of batman-adv module.
  • Enable or disable features of batman-adv. (e.g. gateway announcements).

Using batctl for debugging

batctl offers a great deal of tools for monitoring the state of your mesh node/network:
  • Ping and traceroute nodes based on their MAC-addresses.
  • Parse logfiles to discover routing loops.
  • Retrieve live information from the batman-adv module.

To retrieve information, you must compile your kernel with debugfs (it usually is by default)

With debugfs compiled in, you can use batctl to, among others, seeing the following:
  • A list of other mesh nodes in the network (originators).
  • Lists of none-mesh nodes connected to the network (clients or neighbors).
  • A list of available gateways in the network.
  • Log messages from the batman-adv module (if debug is compiled into the module).