GSOC 2012: The students and their projects

Added by Marek Lindner almost 12 years ago

For this year's Google Summer of Code Freifunk granted us a total of 3 slots for students working on batman-adv. Many thanks to the Freifunk GSoC organizers for supporting us!

We asked the students to write a short introduction about themselves and their project as you can see below. Expect more information about each project to be published as the GSoC 2012 unfolds.

Edo Monticelli


my name is Edo Monticelli, I was born in Cremona, Italy, 27 years ago. I am currently attending the last year of Master's in Computer Science at the University of Trento. My favourite programming languages are C and Python and I like functional programming too.

During my studies I attended several courses on various networking topics, including nomadic communications and mesh networking. I am really interested in Free Software philosophy and excited by the possibility to participate! I hope that Google Summer of Code will be a good way to further improve my coding skills and to help the community!

My GSOC project aims at the implementation of a tool for throughput measurement. This will be a lightweight, kernel space tool: user space programs, like iperf or netperf, need a larger amount of computational resources to align data and copy it between kernel and user memory. This workload may be too much on routers or similar devices and lead to wrong test results. My tool will implement a much simplified version of TCP to give an idea of the throughput that can be obtained between two nodes.

Further details and the project state can be found at the project wiki: bandwidth meter

Spyros Gasteratos


My name is Spyros Gasteratos, I'm 22 years old, I live in Greece and I'm currently attending the 5th year of a Bachelor in Computer Science at the National University of Athens.
I got involved with batman-adv in the last battle-mesh(2012) and when I dont work for my project I try to get my degree.
My project is the implementation of backwards compatibility in batman-adv by use of TVLVs.
Further details and the project state can be found at the project wiki: TVLV project.

Martin Hundebøll


my name is Martin Hundebøll, currently 27 summers old and living Denmark. I finished my master in Networks and Distributed Systems last summer and started my PhD in October. I got introduced to batman-adv through my master thesis, which was about Network Coding in Wireless Mesh Networks, for which we obviously needed a routing protocol :)

My current contributions to batman-adv are the catwoman branch found on the git page and various minor patches. Besides working with batman-adv, I do the practical work in our research group, which covers implementing new ideas (when analysed and simulated by other group members) and configuring and maintaining test setups.

My GSOC project is to improve the current fragmentation functionality to support arbitrary packet types instead of just unicast packets. More information about the projects and its progress is found at Fragmentation.