Transition to git

Added by Marek Lindner almost 13 years ago

With our ongoing integration into the Linux kernel community we started having a closer look at git and soon after decided to switch from SVN to git entirely. After having used SVN for quite a while the transition was a rather cumbersome task. We opted for a slow migration to not risk an interruption in our development process:

As a first step we launched to serve as a starting point into the new git world. Each SVN commit was automatically synchronized into the corresponding git repository to allow the developers to familiarize themselves with the new tool without making it a hard requirement. At the same time all services depending on subversion were converted to use the git repository. This includes: IRC bots, man page generators, distribution packages, commit mailing lists, code style checks, sparse checks and, finally, trac. While we were not unhappy with trac at all, the performance of its git plugin proved to be fairly poor. Therefore we migrated to redmine - all tickets, wiki pages and links were converted in the process.

The switch to git is now complete with the trac system being the last SVN dependency to remove. In the foreseeable future the SVN repository will continue to exist to allow a smooth transition for all those still having old build environments. However, write access has been turned off as all changes from this point on go into the git repository only.

We went through all services & webpages to ensure everything is working as expected. Feel free to inform us if we managed to overlook something.

Happy routing,

The B.A.T.M.A.N. team