Bug #399

Updated by Sven Eckelmann over 3 years ago

According to current code, it complains if MTU is less than 1560 if NC was enabled during compilation. 

 # 1. If I have compiled with NC on but did not enable NC at runtime, set MTU to 1532, batman complains and this annoys me. Please fix the code to check if runtime NC settings before complainig to choose correct constant. It also should show a message when NC state is changed by user at runtime. 

 2. This complaining does not respect 802.1q VLAN. In order VLANs to work, MTU should be 4 bytes more. i.e. 
 instead of 1532 (or 1560) it should be 1536 (or 1564). Possibly, the kernel should complain about this only if someone adds vlan interface above bat0.