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Show TQ in batctl neighbors

Added by Martin Weinelt over 5 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Currently batctl neighbors shows interface, mac and last-seen. It would be helpful if I could see the TQ towards the neighbor as well. This would reduce the need to grep the originators list for the chosen path.

Files (6.91 KB) Sven Eckelmann, 12/18/2018 05:55 PM
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Updated by Sven Eckelmann about 5 years ago

This is currently a problem. The TQ (unlike the throughput from B.A.T.M.A.N. V) is a per batadv_neigh_ifinfo and not a per batadv_hardif_neigh_node. And the neighbor table dump prints the info from batadv_hardif_neigh_node and not batadv_neigh_ifinfo.

Getting the TQ for a hardif_neigh_node would require to:

  • traverse all batadv_neigh_nodes to find the correct originator address of the neighbor
  • traverse the batadv_neigh_node.ifinfo_list to find the correct interface

And I most likely missed something regarding the filtering of batadv_neigh_node in the first step. The splitted concept between originator and neighboring address was introduced with ELP - something which is not used by B.A.T.M.A.N. IV

Due to this problem, it seems to be more efficient to handle this mapping in userspace (over all entries) instead of doing it in the kernel and start a search for each entry.

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Updated by Sven Eckelmann about 5 years ago

Here is an example implementation in python3 (with python3-pyroute2):

IF             Neighbor              last-seen  TQ
       vpn-pl     be:02:25:d6:b4:af    4.604s   255
       vpn-pl     36:fe:e7:cb:53:37    1.556s   255
       vpn-pl     66:25:a7:48:37:ff    4.244s   255
       vpn-pl     36:b8:c6:f6:09:f7    1.024s   255
       vpn-pl     be:ff:aa:b2:aa:bf    1.728s   255
       vpn-pl     9e:d1:ef:18:b8:af    0.404s   254
       vpn-pl     0e:68:8c:7c:0f:1f    4.464s   255
       vpn-pl     3a:fe:63:02:7b:47    4.312s   255
       vpn-pl     82:ab:f2:bf:67:0f    0.580s   255
       vpn-pl     a6:2e:81:c8:69:cf    2.028s   255
       vpn-pl     62:d8:1e:4c:81:ef    4.800s   255
       vpn-pl     ee:dc:e8:f3:87:9f    3.716s   255
       vpn-pl     26:d6:de:58:d8:bf    4.504s   247
       vpn-pl     e2:61:cd:1d:db:8f    4.200s   255
       vpn-pl     0a:35:c3:ba:90:67    4.496s   255
       vpn-pl     de:d1:59:0f:12:07    2.192s   255
       vpn-pl     9a:ff:32:44:c6:af    4.876s   255
       vpn-pl     7a:9e:b4:9e:96:1f    0.728s   255
       vpn-pl     32:ad:f4:8d:2f:27    2.140s   255
       vpn-pl     42:ca:27:43:5f:ff    2.116s   255
       vpn-pl     0e:a0:e5:a6:6e:ff    0.556s   254
       vpn-pl     b2:95:32:c5:78:b7    1.068s   255
       vpn-pl     5a:47:22:b6:53:d7    3.092s   255
       vpn-pl     2e:59:4a:d4:fa:6f    0.316s   253
       vpn-pl     e2:db:07:2a:d1:cf    3.032s   255
       vpn-pl     aa:9f:ae:79:f3:07    0.708s   255
       vpn-pl     72:f6:a3:7c:06:77    4.484s   255
       vpn-pl     f2:01:9d:f4:42:af    2.552s   255
       vpn-pl     ee:11:2a:03:79:ef    0.644s   255
       vpn-pl     6e:69:40:4d:8e:17    2.856s   255
       vpn-pl     7e:6c:df:da:65:ff    2.676s   255
       vpn-pl     fe:2c:91:68:29:2f    0.320s   254
       vpn-pl     46:89:c3:64:00:07    4.360s   255
       vpn-pl     6e:ea:3f:81:86:9f    2.852s   255
       vpn-pl     52:15:6a:a7:1c:37    0.900s   255
       vpn-pl     0e:e3:7a:db:44:b7    5.032s   255
       vpn-pl     3a:26:91:bd:44:af    2.460s   255
     vxlan-pl     02:47:89:00:03:01    4.952s   251
     vxlan-pl     02:47:89:00:06:01    3.536s   255
     vxlan-pl     02:47:89:00:04:01    1.116s   255
     vxlan-pl     02:47:89:00:05:01    1.656s   255
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Updated by Marek Lindner almost 4 years ago

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Sven's suggestion was probably meant for you. This ticket has been left unanswered for a while. Any objection to closing it ?


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Updated by Marek Lindner almost 4 years ago

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<hexa-> marec: no objection from me
<hexa-> didn't notice the script until now
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Updated by Sven Eckelmann almost 4 years ago

  • Status changed from Closed to Rejected
  • Target version deleted (2020.2)

There was no change in this for 2020.2. So please don't mark it as such. If you think it is invalid then mark it as rejected


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