Bug #241

Bug #235: meta: Missing list checks for *list_add*

batadv_tvlv_handler_register: Missing list checks for *list_add*

Added by Sven Eckelmann over 5 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Simon debugged the refcnt problem and submitted some patches to fix them. I had a brief look and noticed that there are possible more problems similar to the *list_del* ones - just with *list_add*. Basically some functions use some kind of get function, notice that the element does not exist and then create a new one to add to the list. Only the "list_add" is protected. The result may be that an element in twice in a list when only a single occurrence is allowed.

The problem I saw is that functions adding objects in an RCU protected list are missing an definitive check. They first call some kind of *_get (rcu_read_lock only) to check if an object with this value already exists and then uses some kind of *_add to allocate a new object and add it (which may already be added in by a different context). So it has to be made sure that nothing modifies the list between the check and the add of the new object).



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