Bug #188

logspam "net_ratelimit: X callbacks suppressed"

Added by André Gaul about 7 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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The batman-adv module currently produces a lot of logspam of the form

[107051.330000] net_ratelimit: 44 callbacks suppressed
[107325.800000] net_ratelimit: 88 callbacks suppressed
[107585.650000] net_ratelimit: 23 callbacks suppressed

This is caused by the definition of net_ratelimited_function in compat.h because net_ratelimit() is called independent of the current debug level. Thus net_ratelimit() prints the above messages although the actual message would not be printed.

The issue can be fixed trivially by calling net_ratelimit() after the debug level has been checked.



Updated by Marek Lindner about 7 years ago

Do you mind taking the next step and send a patch to the mailing list ? Seems you have analyzed the problem already ..


Updated by André Gaul about 7 years ago

Yes, I can take some minutes later today. I'm not very familiar with the batman-adv code yet, but this definitely is a low-hanging fruit... ;)


Updated by André Gaul about 7 years ago

I prepared a patch, see .

It's not yet tested. Can you review the code? Thx!


Updated by Marek Lindner about 7 years ago

Typically, patches are sent to the mailing list for review. For more information see the 'submitting patches' section here: Contribute


Updated by Marek Lindner over 6 years ago

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Has been merged. Thanks!


Updated by Sven Eckelmann over 4 years ago

  • Target version set to 2014.4.0

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