Antonio Quartulli

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Reported issues: 2


01:59 pm batman-adv Bug #198: 3.17 hlist_add_after renamed
Thanks for reporting this. Actually the batman-adv code has been properly fixed for what concerns the in-kernel versi...


06:56 am batman-adv Revision 365deac8: batman-adv: avoid useless return in void functions
Cc: Linus L├╝ssing <>
Signed-off-by: Antonio Quartulli <>
Signed-off-by: Ma...


03:55 am batman-adv Revision c38939de: batman-adv: add compat code for kmalloc_array()
kmalloc_array() was introduced with linux-3.4 therefore
we need some compat code in order to be able to compile


04:26 pm batman-adv Revision d979cae8: batman-adv: prefer kmalloc_array to kmalloc when possible
Reported by checkpatch with the following warning:
WARNING: Prefer kmalloc_array over kmalloc with multiply


10:58 am batman-adv Wiki edit: Batman-adv-openwrt-config (#11)
10:39 am batman-adv Wiki edit: Batman-adv-openwrt-config (#10)
08:27 am batman-adv Bug #183: Batman-adv 2014.1 does not close handle on interface
Yes, it does.
However we know that this problem is not 100% solved, but we are not able to reproduce it anymore, so ...


10:10 pm batman-adv Wiki edit: Batman-adv-openwrt-config (#9)
10:06 pm batman-adv Wiki edit: Batman-adv-openwrt-config (#8)


07:51 am batman-adv Bug #187 (New): Asymmetric VLAN generates loop
In case of an asymmetric VLAN configuration as shown in the picture it is possible to generate a loop even if BLA is ...

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