Find something to celebrate (something different from last year).

Would be good if we do

  • Big Compat Dump, consisting in integration of:
    • TVLV
    • FRAGv2
    • CRC32 in TT
    • Improve packet format design to avoid __packed (?)
    • bandwidth meter packet format integration (? not sure if this does really hurt since bw meter uses icmp)


  • Catwoman (Throughput test)

Concept discussion

  • B.A.T.M.A.N. V (which includes bandwidth aware ELP and OGMv2)
  • OGMv3 (no-tt OGM)
  • Multicast (evolution) support inclusion
  • Howto to optimise the Bandwidth based GW selection
  • Multiple L3 border Gateways to the same network: how to choose the best one assuming each of them has a different (L3) cost to the destination
  • Some notes were taken in the past about possible improvements to the GW feature. We may want to consider them:
    - Multiple gw for multiple networks
    Tag the GW so that you can choose the best among a single class and keep a
    list of the best gws (one per class).
    Each class can connect the mesh to a different network, therefore we would
    want to communicate to several gw at the same time, not in mutual exclusion.
  • mac80211 like DebugFS structure
  • Fragmentation v2: advertise MTUs to avoid re-fragmentation?


  • Catwoman II (aka Fox)


  • GSOC 2013
    • decide mentors availability
    • think about possible projects
  • Maint release cycle (i.e. Stable versions)
  • Compat code maintenance (split kernel-module and out-of-the-kernel package development?)