Wireless Battle Mesh v4 - Developer Meeting Agenda


Celebrate batman-adv 2.6.38 Linux kernel integration

Discussion Topics

  • How to proceed with NDP integration? Smaller patchset for LQ exchange first or including OGM protocol changes?
  • How to name OGM protocol part? Just OGM protocol? How to name NDP packets, NDP messages?
  • Explicit BATMAN header + unified TTL handling?
  • Making fragmentation more generic, adding Fragmentation header/layer?
  • Reviewing OGM protocol specification proposal
  • reviewing the new papers related to B.A.T.M.A.N. (Simon brings printed versions)
  • discuss switching to git
  • Creating an extra devel mailinglist?


  • NDP
  • Multicast patches
  • Hidden-Node-Bcast problem
  • New HNA announcement mechanism


  • new HNA code could still need a bit of coding, in particular the lock/unlock mechanism has to be reviewed