Networking Technologies


Batmand and batman advanced rely on underlining network transport technologies like WIFI for instance.
This page explains the interaction between them and batmand or batmand-adv.

Batmand and IBSS (also known as ad-hoc wifi networks)

IBSS permit the connection of more than two devices together in a big IBSS network.
Let's say you have 3 devices A,B and C connected that way: A<->B<->C with:
  • C being out of the range of A
  • A and B being in range
  • B and C being in range
  • A,B,C having the same SSID (it's called BSSID in IBSS networks)

Batmand will simply route the packets from A to C.

Given the nature of IBSS networks, B doesn't need to have 2 wifi cards(one is enough), however A,B,C need to have the same BSSID.


Batman-adv can run on top of all ethernet-compatible networks, that means:
  • wifi (station, ibss, master)
  • ethernet
  • bridges
  • layer 2 vpns
  • etc...