FFTrace freifunk-traceroute

"fftrace" is a console-based olsr-route-link-quality monitor

Problem description: in OLSR mesh networks routing is very dynamic. Fine tools as traceroute give only a one-time impression, and mtr does not cope with routechanges as often as they happen. Both aim to measure and show the round trip times of packets as quality indicator. A wireless network consists of many diffrent-quality HF-connections, some with severe packet loss and some with less. The link-quality implementation of olsrd introduced a value do describe the quality of these connections. A tool to monitor the current route and the link-quality of its connections was missing.

"fftrace" aims to fill this gap. It lists the single nodes of a route and displays the quality of the connections in between. Finally it shows the needed effort to get a packet through the whole route.

The program uses ttl-manipulatet icmp-echo-requests to find the intermediate nodes and reads the udp-messages used and generated by the olsr-deamons to gather present information about the link-quality and neighbor-link-quality of node-node-pairs in the watched route. Due to this structure there is no instant information on a new node-node-pair. Until the information is available it is left blank and unregarded by the whole-route-etx. The code tries to be modular enough to exchange parts if desired, such as the udp-part by an olsr-plugin or the screen-output in something that can be diplayed graphical e.g. by olsr-viz. (gpl is gpl, be free to do so)